Friday, June 11, 2010

The Fox and the Hound

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So last year we began seeing foxes in our backyard. I guess that comes with the territory of living in the woods. It was really intriguing to watch them run and wrestle with each other, but this year it's become sort of a problem. The foxes (and our dog) have all gotten a little braver this year. We now frequently see the foxes on our back porch and Izzie (my fearless 4-pound Yorkie who thinks she's about 400 pounds) has gotten trapped under the deck with a fox on two different occasions.

Enter Billy the Exterminator!!! I called Vex-Con last week when Izzie was under the deck with the fox and they rushed right over. As luck would have it, right when they showed up Izzie got out from under the deck and the fox ran off too. But they did set a trap and did some filming for the show. (Maybe this will finally be my big break into stardom!!!) It was really interesting to watch them film and see Billy at work. Stay tuned to see if we catch anything...

Vex-Con's here!!!

Mary (Billy's wife) and Travis (film crew)

Billy filming

Our trap


  1. Holly!!! I am laughing so hard right now!! Not because sweet izzie was trapped, but because you had Billy at your house. David and I have been watching the show lately. They have had many marathons lately. Plus I have been watching LOTS of Tv the last two weeks....since i am home bound with a baby! Keep us posted of you TV debut! I can't wait to tell David!

  2. i am so jealous! vex-con never emailed me back about my beavers! maybe I should break down and call them! you are SUPER COOL!

  3. Oh, Billy,

    Did you know what you were getting into? Holly is destined for Hollywood. You go girl!!


  4. Maybe this will open a door for you to meet your beloved Bret Michaels!!