Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bailey's Big Girl Room Re-Do

Yesterday was a big a BIG day in the Doyal household! Bailey's Big Girl furniture was delivered. We've been talking about it for a while now and trying to get her really excited since she seems a little at odds with this whole new baby thing. We went last month and picked this bedroom suit out at Johnsons and I LOVE it! It's a queen bed (yes, I know- what toddler needs a queen bed, but we didn't want a twin, and fulls are hard to find) and a really big chest and nightstand in a dark brown. The bed is a storage bed with 4 big drawers under it- Lord knows we need more storage around here!
Monday night, David moved the baby furniture out of her room and we set up her new mattress on the floor for her to sleep in. She was in heaven!!!
Tuesday, the furniture came and Bailey was jumping for joy! She wanted to watch the "builders" move everything in and put her bed together. When I told her that she got to put her things in all of her new drawers, she immediately started getting anything she could find (mostly play food) and stuffing it into drawers.
Last night we read stories in her bed and she was almost too giddy to go sleep. But David and I checked on her before we went to bed and she was out. Granted- she DID wake up at 5:00 this morning with a bad dream about "a mean vacuum cleaner coming to get her and a bad clock getting her knee." I tried to hold back laughter because she was REALLY scared. I wound up laying with her for a while, and apparantly I fell asleep because she kept poking me and telling me I was "breating too loud." Naptime also went well today (good thing because this mama took a nap too)!
Here's some pics- Holly W (I took the first one just for you)!

I still have more work to do- I'm going to re-do everything on her walls and take down baby looking stuff. Repaint her BAILEY letters, put up new pictures, new lamp, and a new bulletin board. We also got a new play kitchen from my friend Cassi- I have to touch up paint it and then it will go in place of the other one! But the hard part is now done! Hoping for more successful nights with my (tear) Big Girl!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Throw Me Something Mister- Part 1

So David is really getting excited about riding in the Gemini parade this weekend (he'll be on the title Blues Brothers float if you're there), but I figured he needed some bead-throwing practice before the weekened. A few nights ago, he put on his "clown suit" (as Bailey calls it) and he, Bailey, and I took turns throwing and catching beads. Bailey absolutely LOVED it- she kept shouting "Happy Mardi Gras" with every bead she threw. Good thing Dad practiced too because he needs a little help in the bead-throwing department. Stay turned for some pics of the real parade!