Thursday, February 16, 2012

One (or two) Man Band

After bathtime tonight, Bailey decided that Max needed his first taste of playing with her musical instruments (and by "first taste" I pretty much mean he tried to eat everything!). He did, however, LOVE the tambourine! And I loved watching his chubby little hands bang on it! Bailey (aka Willie Nelson Jr.) provided great accompaniment on the harmonica and guitar!

We Doyals don't anything small!!!

Once or twice a year, we have enough tree limbs, leaves, etc. to have a bonfire. This past weekend we were excited that the weather cooperated enough to have another one. And, as you can see from the size of this fire, we had been collecting for a while! Good thing the fire department didn't get called this time(however a sheriff did drop by to make sure we were alright!).

Even though it was about 34 degrees outside, we had a MASSIVE amount of heat from out MASSIVE fire to keep us warm!

Bailey was thrilled to roast hot dogs and s'mores over the smaller fire pit!