Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Heart Bret Michaels!!!

Okay- so I have a confession! I am totally in love with Bret Michaels!
So he probably uses more hair products than I do. (What really IS under that bandana?)
So he might also use more eyeliner too!
And I know, I know- I wouldn't stand a chance on Rock of Love (partly because I'm already married- actually that might help my chances on that show!!!), but I love him all the same!
Here's my homemade Bret Michaels jacket from our 80s New Years party. Wish I had gotten some better pics of it. It had his pictures all over, a Poison logo on the back, and hearts with
I've been in a deep depression for the past week after news of Bret's brain hemorrhage. Every morning I check the internet first thing when I wake up for the latest news. Yes, he's still in ICU, but things are looking up!
You're something to believe in, Bret! Get better!!!
***Mindy- if you're reading this right now and Ryan wants to come over for a candlelight prayer vigil for Bret- give him my number!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!!

I love spring! Here in Louisiana- we usually go from winter to summer pretty quickly and bypass spring, but we do enjoy it for the few weeks it's here!

Spring at the Doyal's house is great for...

...flying kites!

...hanging out with Daddy!

...playing on our swingset! (excuse the crazy mismatched jammies!)

...picking flowers!

Some nature pics I've taken lately. Our azaleas are absolutely gorgeous right now and I've been trying so hard to get some Easter/2-year pictures of Bailey to no avail! It's crazy how I can get a bumblebee or butterfly to be more still than my own child!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bailey's 2nd Birthday Fiesta!!!

Come on, vamanos! Everybody came on over on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Bailey's 2nd birthday. I gave in and did a Dora party- that child LOVES her some Dora!

There were sidewalk chalk messages leading our guests down the driveway and B's big stuffed Dora greeted them at the front door.

The dining table decorations included tissue paper flowers and a message from Swiper the Fox saying that he stole Bailey's birthday cake.

We had to follow the map to get the cake back!

B's cousin Payton playing "Pin the Tail on Boots"

Yes, folks- I made this big Dora head cake. And no, I will NOT be making her cakes again in the future!

Happy Birthday dear Bailey...

My sweet birthday girl

Bailey was lucky to have her 3 great-grandmothers there to help her celebrate!

Two lovely ladies- Bailey and Grandma (my mom)

Cooking up something good in her new kitchen from Grandma

Bailey and Payton on her new swing from Grandy and Popaw

Bailey and Dora having a snack at her new table from G-Pa and YaYa

Germany- Day 5, More Munich!!!

I know I'm a little slow with my blogging about our trip. I'm trying to work on our scrapbook at the same time. We started our second day in Munich at Olympic Plaza (home of the 1972 Summer Olympics). The area is now a recreational and sports training facility and it was beautiful!

We went up to the top of the Olympic Tower. The elevator goes almost 23 feet per second and took us up to the top of the 955 foot tower. We were able to view all of Munich and the surrounding area. This was such a beautiful day- perfect weather (and great clouds for pictures!!!)

View from the top: In the background of this photo you can see the Swiss Alps

We also saw the Olympic village where the athletes stayed while in Munich. (Forgive the pictures through the car window that couldn't be rolled down!) It was here at 31 Connollystrasse that the Black September hostage situation occured. Five Israeli athletes and a German policeman were killed by Palestinian terrorists who took members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage in the Olympic village.

After that we headed to the BMW museum. I caved in and went because I knew David would be in heaven. It actually wasn't that bad- the museum itself was very modern and served as an awesome backdrop for photography. Here's some neat things we saw.

Don't know how to describe this- it was tons of silver balls suspended by fishing line that were motorized to move and form the outline of various cars. Really cool!

1939 BMW 328

BMW actually made motorcycles before they made cars. This was a really cool glassed in wall of motorcycles over the years.

1954(?) 1st BMW sedan (or "saloon")

2001 X Coupe- This car was F-I-N-E!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my BIG baby girl!

Two years ago today I was in the hospital holding my new baby girl! She could almost fit in the palm of my hand and now she is about half as tall as me! How time flies!

We have been celebrating like crazy today!
Bailey dined on her birthday pancakes this morning!

Then we met Grandy (David's mom) at Toys R Us to spend Bailey's piggy bank money. She's a natural born shopper (unlike me!) and enjoyed filling her cart up with tons of things her mean mother then made her put back!!! We did come away with some new Dora sippy cups, a doctor's kit, a play shopping cart, and a kite.

After that, Grandy took us to Chuck E. Cheese for tons of fun! Bailey wasn't too sure of the rides at first, but by the time is was ready to go- she didn't want to leave! We had a blast! Thanks Grandy!
Riding rides and playing games!

Meeting Chuck E. Cheese (or Mickey Mouse- as Bailey says!)

Dancing the Cuban Shuffle with Chuck E. Cheese- that mouse has got some moves!

I never imagined something so tiny could bring me such enormous joy! Happy Birthday Bailey Bug! We love you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Despite our entire family (even the dog!) being plagued with the stomach virus, we managed to have a great Easter. Here's some of the highlights!

Dying eggs- or actually more like dying our hands!

Izzie posing with her egg- right before she ate it!!!

Hunting eggs in the yard

Looking through her goodies from the Easter Bunny!

Easter morning- she really wasn't in the smiling mood. I think we'll have to restage these shots another day!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Doyal's house for some old fashioned Easter fun! Two years ago I wasn't allowed to participate in many of the Easter games because I was 9 months pregnant. Needless to say, I've been waiting 2 years to get my revenge!

Running to find the eggs

Mommy and Bailey getting ready for the potato sack race

Hunter, Cade, and me in the potato sack race- I came in 2nd!!!

Egg on the spoon race- 2nd place again!