Saturday, April 3, 2010


I interrupt the Germany posts to fill everyone in on our busy month of March. And yes, I know I'm very behind on my blogging!
Bailey got her very first haircut. She did a great job- especially when Miss Christa told her there was a prize involved!

No- this isn't child labor. Once again- this is just me trying to get some help around here. Hey- 3 1/2 acres of leaves are a nightmare!

Bailey did a little shopping in her spare time! This was my attempt at tiring her out before naptime. But it was crazy trying to put everything back that she put in her basket. In this picture, I think she has about 10 packages of sliced cheese. Hey- the kid loves cheese!

Last week- right before the stomach virus struck at our house- Bailey and I went to the park with two of my friends (Mindy and Elise) and their precious kids.

Funny story- for the very few of you who haven't heard it: A few weeks ago, B and I went to the local zoo to see some animals. Apparantly all she remembered from the trip was that the animals would bite you! (I kept reminding the children not to stick their hands in the cages.) For weeks now she's been saying that certain animals will bite you. I thought she would enjoy going to the duck pond park to feed the ducks, but all she kept saying was, "Ducks bite you!" I told her it was okay and the ducks would not bite her. And what happened??? One bit her on the leg! So much for Mommy telling the truth!

Mason, Bailey, and Mary Ashtyn feeding the ducks

Conner having a blast on the slide!

Baby Stinson was there too! What a trooper!

B trying to keep up with Mary Ashtyn on the "Big girl swings"

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