Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Heart Bret Michaels!!!

Okay- so I have a confession! I am totally in love with Bret Michaels!
So he probably uses more hair products than I do. (What really IS under that bandana?)
So he might also use more eyeliner too!
And I know, I know- I wouldn't stand a chance on Rock of Love (partly because I'm already married- actually that might help my chances on that show!!!), but I love him all the same!
Here's my homemade Bret Michaels jacket from our 80s New Years party. Wish I had gotten some better pics of it. It had his pictures all over, a Poison logo on the back, and hearts with
I've been in a deep depression for the past week after news of Bret's brain hemorrhage. Every morning I check the internet first thing when I wake up for the latest news. Yes, he's still in ICU, but things are looking up!
You're something to believe in, Bret! Get better!!!
***Mindy- if you're reading this right now and Ryan wants to come over for a candlelight prayer vigil for Bret- give him my number!!!

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  1. I'll be sure and pass the message along and if Ryan ever drags me to another concert I'll make sure we call you! Last time I brought a book so it would be even better to bring a friend to laugh at all the crazy old women in bikinis!