Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bailey's 2nd Birthday Fiesta!!!

Come on, vamanos! Everybody came on over on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Bailey's 2nd birthday. I gave in and did a Dora party- that child LOVES her some Dora!

There were sidewalk chalk messages leading our guests down the driveway and B's big stuffed Dora greeted them at the front door.

The dining table decorations included tissue paper flowers and a message from Swiper the Fox saying that he stole Bailey's birthday cake.

We had to follow the map to get the cake back!

B's cousin Payton playing "Pin the Tail on Boots"

Yes, folks- I made this big Dora head cake. And no, I will NOT be making her cakes again in the future!

Happy Birthday dear Bailey...

My sweet birthday girl

Bailey was lucky to have her 3 great-grandmothers there to help her celebrate!

Two lovely ladies- Bailey and Grandma (my mom)

Cooking up something good in her new kitchen from Grandma

Bailey and Payton on her new swing from Grandy and Popaw

Bailey and Dora having a snack at her new table from G-Pa and YaYa


  1. Where do we submit our orders for cakes???

  2. Too cute! I'm always amazed at your creativity - her party was just like the show!
    Looks like she had a great time and got lots of fun stuff!

  3. Good for you for "giving in" and letting Bailey have a Dora party! You are so creative and crafty and you made it look VERY cute and classy!

  4. You did a GREAT job on the cake and party games! Too cute! I hope I can be that creative when my little one comes along.