Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've been trying to get some pics lately that show off one of my favorite traits of my little man- his adorable peach fuzz spikey hair! Today while Sister was napping (Hallelujah!!!), I took a few quick shots! (BTW- I am really proud of myself for 3 posts in one week! I guess not having the pressure to do a photo a day has paid off!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Splish Splash!

I don't know who was most excited- Bailey, Max, or me?!?!?! My MIL gave us this great bath seat so now brother gets to bathe in the big tub with Sissy! Both of our kiddos LOVE the water and could play for hours on end in the tub! Can't wait for lake season this summer!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy 5 Months Little Max!

I can't believe my sweet little man is 5 months old!!! If you didn't keep up with my 365 blog (which I am not doing this year so I'll be better at updating this one), then you probably missed out on watching Max grow! Sorry to all that my last post was when Max turned 2 months old!!!

Time has flown by and Max gets more fun by the minute! He wasn't too keen on the basket photo shoot this month because he really doesn't appreciate being confined in that thing anymore. So this mini shoot ended with him eating the blanket, kicking the basket so hard it almost tumped over, and projectile vomiting all over the place (more on that subject later)!

Here's a little bit about our little man!

Big Sister=Big Helper: Bailey has really become a good helper lately! She gets so excited about every new little thing that Max does and constantly cheers him on. As these two pictures show, she's even learned how to help Mommy a little bit with diaper changes and feeding Max his cereal.

Max continues to be a phenomenal sleeper (thank you Babywise!!!) and I am glad to see this happy little face every morning when he wakes up!

Max finally discoverd his toes and they now provide hours of enjoyment! Unfortunately his legs are so short that he can't get them in his mouth!!!

Max can sit by himself now! Here's the pic from his very first attempt (he's gotten much better, but we're still not leaving him unattended).

We began rice cereal last month hoping to decrease the spitup. It didn't help with that, but Max loves it! We had a rough month with multiple visits to the pediatrician and two visits to Sutton Childrens to help Max. He's always been a big boy and we were always amazed at how much weight he would gain at each monthly checkup. So we knew something was up when, at his 4 month checkup, he hadn't gained much. Then he started losing weight. We started out thinking it was reflux and he was put on some meds that, unfortunately, didn't help. Then, with more projectile spitup (I'm talking like 50 times a day! Can you say ENDLESS LAUNDRY!?!?!), constant fussiness, and more weight loss, we went to Suttons for an upper GI scan and met with a pediatric surgeon. They're still thinking it's reflux and put him on some stronger meds. We have a followup appointment this week so we'll see where we stand.