Friday, April 15, 2011

Introducing....our new Baby BOY!!!

Max William Doyal- coming to a hospital near you in August (I hope)!

I have waited patiently (well maybe not so patiently) for today and we finally got to hear the words, "It's a boy!" Pardon the lack of ultrasound photos of his nether-regions here. I figure if I post those on the internet, someday he'll hate me for it! So here's a body pic and a hand pic instead.

Just like Bailey was at this appointment, Max was very still and didn't want to move much, which made getting good pictures a little tricky. He also had his hands up over his face so we couldn't see his sweet smile! But everything looked and sounded good with all of his tiny body parts!

Me, on the other hand, well I always bring the drama! I told the nurse about my still-lingering nausea/vomiting and back pain so she did a urinary analysis which told that I was very dehydrated- I know, bad pregnant lady needs to drink more water. Then I found out that I have a low lying placenta (which we're going to hope moves so it doesn't turn into placenta previa) and my placenta is right in the front of my uterus (which can cause problems during a c-section which I will have). If this turns into placenta previa or accreta I could have bleeding during the third trimester, be put on bedrest, hemorrhaging during delivery, premature delivery, have to have a hysterectomy after delivery, or my favorite: maternal death!!! WOW!

I do not list these things to be pessimistic or worry anyone, but to ask for your prayers once again for me and Baby Max. We had so much prayer support at the beginning of the pregnancy when we had the cyst fiasco- so I just ask that you please keep us in your prayers again!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey!!!

Three years ago, I laid woozily (if that's even a word) in a hospital bed and told all of my friends and family members that I had a precious little boy! Those were the drugs talking!

Three years later, I have the girliest girl I know and I love her to death! It's been so fun for David and me to watch her little personality develop. Bailey has turned into a funny, compassionate, strong-willed :) little lady.

The morning of her birthday, we started off with Pancake People- Bailey's favorite breakfast (thank you Holly W)!

Here's Bailey with her new favorite toy- her Dora four-wheeler.

Here are some pics from her birthday party. I've really been wanting to do a 50s themed party for a few years now, but decided to wait until Bailey was a little older so we could have her little friends come dressed in 50s attire too! You can check out my 365 photo blog for decorations that I made- I didn't really take any pictures of the decorations the day of the party.

Here's my happy b-day girl!

Bailey was SO excited to see all of her friends and family in one place! It was adorable watching her come up to each little friend and hug them as they arrived.

We had a pink convertible cutout for the kids to take their picture with. Of course, Bailey had to "jump in" the car with everybody!

If you know me well, you know I LOVE costumes!!! So I'm so glad a lot of the little ones dressed up. Here's Payton (Bailey's cousin) very convincingly playing the part!

Excited about presents!

This one's for you Lindsey Caroon! (My sweet friend Lindsey took pictures for me while I helped B open her gifts. Afterward, she commented on my many crazy facial expressions in most of the pictures.)

Cupcake time!

I'll be putting more pics on Facebook, so please check there to see more!