Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Germany- Day 5, More Munich!!!

I know I'm a little slow with my blogging about our trip. I'm trying to work on our scrapbook at the same time. We started our second day in Munich at Olympic Plaza (home of the 1972 Summer Olympics). The area is now a recreational and sports training facility and it was beautiful!

We went up to the top of the Olympic Tower. The elevator goes almost 23 feet per second and took us up to the top of the 955 foot tower. We were able to view all of Munich and the surrounding area. This was such a beautiful day- perfect weather (and great clouds for pictures!!!)

View from the top: In the background of this photo you can see the Swiss Alps

We also saw the Olympic village where the athletes stayed while in Munich. (Forgive the pictures through the car window that couldn't be rolled down!) It was here at 31 Connollystrasse that the Black September hostage situation occured. Five Israeli athletes and a German policeman were killed by Palestinian terrorists who took members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage in the Olympic village.

After that we headed to the BMW museum. I caved in and went because I knew David would be in heaven. It actually wasn't that bad- the museum itself was very modern and served as an awesome backdrop for photography. Here's some neat things we saw.

Don't know how to describe this- it was tons of silver balls suspended by fishing line that were motorized to move and form the outline of various cars. Really cool!

1939 BMW 328

BMW actually made motorcycles before they made cars. This was a really cool glassed in wall of motorcycles over the years.

1954(?) 1st BMW sedan (or "saloon")

2001 X Coupe- This car was F-I-N-E!!!

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