Monday, April 5, 2010

Despite our entire family (even the dog!) being plagued with the stomach virus, we managed to have a great Easter. Here's some of the highlights!

Dying eggs- or actually more like dying our hands!

Izzie posing with her egg- right before she ate it!!!

Hunting eggs in the yard

Looking through her goodies from the Easter Bunny!

Easter morning- she really wasn't in the smiling mood. I think we'll have to restage these shots another day!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Doyal's house for some old fashioned Easter fun! Two years ago I wasn't allowed to participate in many of the Easter games because I was 9 months pregnant. Needless to say, I've been waiting 2 years to get my revenge!

Running to find the eggs

Mommy and Bailey getting ready for the potato sack race

Hunter, Cade, and me in the potato sack race- I came in 2nd!!!

Egg on the spoon race- 2nd place again!


  1. love it!! i've decided next easter to throw a big family get together so i'll be stealing some of the doyal family games!

  2. Easter at the Doyal's sounds fun! Reminds me of "field day" at school. ;)