Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!!

I love spring! Here in Louisiana- we usually go from winter to summer pretty quickly and bypass spring, but we do enjoy it for the few weeks it's here!

Spring at the Doyal's house is great for...

...flying kites!

...hanging out with Daddy!

...playing on our swingset! (excuse the crazy mismatched jammies!)

...picking flowers!

Some nature pics I've taken lately. Our azaleas are absolutely gorgeous right now and I've been trying so hard to get some Easter/2-year pictures of Bailey to no avail! It's crazy how I can get a bumblebee or butterfly to be more still than my own child!


  1. Great pics, Holly! And it's about time we saw some mis-matched "play clothes" (jammies) on Bailey! Holly W. will be SO proud!

  2. beautiful pictures! you are doing a great job!!