Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bikini Babe!

I think this is the first day in about a week that Bailey has not been outside in her baby pool- but we did have swimming lessons this morning! It has been H-O-T around here and I've been desperately trying to get some work done is my embarassing flowerbeds so I've been bringing Bailey outside with me and she plays in her pool while I work. She absolutely LOVES the water- good thing since we live on the lake!
I love this little swimsuit- David hates it (he's such a dad)!!!

I got the genius idea to put Bailey's slide going into the pool- BAD IDEA!!! She was so slippery, she crashed in the pool on her back. She said, "Mommy, that's dangerous!" Oops!!!

She was so upset when I dumped the water out of her pool. She sat on it until I physically picked her up and carried her inside!

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  1. you'd better be watching the boys at swim lessons in that bikini!! :)