Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cross Lake Floatilla 2010

Have I mentioned lately what a GREAT group of friends we have??? For many years now, David and I have been going to the Cross Lake Floatilla. It's kind of like Mardi Gras on water- a decorated boat parade, music, and lots of people floating out in the water. It's a blast!
Last year, we decided that we were tired of simply watching the boat parade, so we decided to enter... and we won! Our boat theme was the Dukes of Hazzard- we all dressed up like characters from the show and decorated the boat to look like the General Lee. We even had Roscoe and Boss Hogg following us!

This year out theme was Baywatch. I can't really remember who came up with this theme, but I'm pretty sure it was one of the guys! Here's some pics of us and our boat! We won 2nd place this year!!!

David and me as Pamela Anderson (stuffed swimsuit and all!)

Ginger, David, and Kellie
More of the gang

Some of the film crew from The Exterminators even showed up to hang out with us!

We made friends with some people who had a houseboat so we could use their slide! Here I am!


  1. sounds like a great time! glad your swimsuits came in on time!

  2. Cute Baywatch boat. That slide pic sure is fun looking!

  3. Question: where did you get your plastic covers you used for your boat? We are in a parade this year and looking for the best solution