Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caught Red-Handed (or red-pawed!)

So we finally caught a fox!!! I guess it took me climbing in the trap and tying the chicken on to do the trick (Billy should hire me!). Monday morning, a little baby fox (Foxy Cleopatra- I named her!) was in the cage. We still have some more foxes around; Foxy Mama was circling the cage with her baby inside. David made me feel horrible about trapping the baby fox (he said, "What would you do if Bailey was trapped in a cage and you couldn't get to her?"), but Billy's plan is to come back next week and trap the other foxes and then release them all together.
Overall, our Vex-Con experience was great! Billy was really cool- I felt so sorry for him because the first day he was here, he was very sick and I know he didn't feel like filming. He even threw up in my bushes ("not the nice ones," he said- yeah, that narrows it down)! If you're a fan of the show (as I obviously am!), you've seen that Billy's wife Mary kind of gets a bad rap, but she came too and was extremely nice. The film crew was awesome as well. We invited the film crew to the lake with us this past weekend, and some of them actually came- I think they think we Southerners are a little crazy! They're coming back next week to set some more traps and film some more interviews with me.
Bailey and I went to the Cypress Zoo today where they're keeping our little fox until we catch the other ones. Dr. Morgan- the vet that works there- actually let us come in the "Rehab Room" where they keep the baby animals. We got to see Foxy Cleopatra and told her she'd be reunited with her family soon. Dr. Morgan said she's doing fine. Here's a picture of her today.


  1. Congratulations you just became Holly "my crazy friend" and we seriously need to get Bailey to a real zoo! One with animals that you won't find in your backyard!

  2. glad you caught the fox! can't wait to hear more adventures of fox hunting!