Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 4th of July (whoops- better late than never!!!)

We've been SOOOO busy lately, so my posts have been non-existant (much like my free time)! But today is Mother's Day Out, so let's see how many posts I can crank out!

We had a great 4th!

David and Bailey and I went to a celebration at our church- B had lots of fun looking at the animals from Critter Company, sitting on the edge of the jumpy (she refuses to go in), and - of course- eating! Too bad we coudln't stay for the fireworks, but it was somebody's bedtime in a bad way.

Riding the cow train! Bailey was SO excited to ride and then after about 2 minutes the lady had to bring her back because she was crying!

Petting the python from Critter Company. I'm sorry, but the guy that owns that store freaks me out with this snake! Of course, my child wanted to "hold it." I have to admit that I stayed pretty far back to take this picture!

We were glad to see my step-sister, brother-in-law, and their 3 kids for the entire week of the 4th. Bailey absolutely had a BLAST! She wants so bad to be just as big as them. We had a great week of hanging out!

My bathing beauty!
Clara and Bailey in their Dora life jackets

The annual Fourth of July Cousins picture (what would this picture be without my child throwing a fit!!!- we later found out she was sick! And might I add I made these cute shirts!)

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  1. love the shirts! and I'm just now mailing out Mason's thank you notes almost two months after his party so at least you are only a few weeks behind on blogging!