Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So let's add this one to the "better late than never" blog list.
(Holly- I bet this will be the first blog of mine that you will read everything, instead of just looking at the pictures!)

So Bailey and I went to Dallas a few weekends ago to visit my fabulous friend Holly and her little boy Nolan. Our plan was to go to the Dallas Zoo (since Holly is worried that Bailey has only been to a zoo with animals she can AND DID find in her own backyard). Of course- being a mother is all about spontaneity and compromise, so instead of leaving on Friday morning to head to Dallas, we went to the doctor's office only to find out that miserable Bailey had a cold.

After we got some medicine, I decided we'd go ahead and go and maybe Bailey's demeanor would change- NOT SO! Holly had a great weekend planned and went out of her way to try to make Bailey happy. Holly truly IS the hostess with the mostess! Unfortunately, Bailey had a fever the whole time and, I'm pretty sure, felt miserable. Anyway- here's some pictures from our weekend and all of the wonderful things Holly did for my pitiful little one!

Holly started a monthly baby book club and we got to come to her "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party on Friday. She had adorable decorations (note her cute Cricut caterpillar sign), all the foods that the caterpillar ate, and cute crafts for the kids (egg carton caterpillars and tissue paper butterflies).

Here's Nolan- Holly's little boy- is he NOT just the cutest thing you ever saw??? He loved Bailey and tried just about as hard as Holly did to make Bailey feel better- open mouth kisses and all!

Nolan and B in the tub- I think there were more toys in there than Bailey had ever seen!

Holly's fabulous monkey pancakes for breakfast!

We never made it to the zoo- it was kind of rainy and also hot, so we decided on the Children's Museum instead. This was the highlight of Bailey's trip- "milking" the cow!

This was the highlight of MY trip- playing Rock Band with the Whalens! Jonathan, Holly, and Nolan took turns on lead vocals, Jonathan played the guitar some, and I got to fulfill my fantasy on the drums! Oh my gosh- it was SO FUN! I already told David that this is what I want for Christmas!

Holly- You are one of my best and truest friends and I love you very much! I hope that we're not banned from your house now because we still have to come back and go to the zoo!


  1. So fun (minus the sickness, of course)! And I agree, Holly is truly the hostess with the mostess! And you, Holly are the craft queen (and, as Ben calls you, Happy Holly)! Put both Holly's together and it's a reality show in the making!

  2. omg, i totally had a blog post in my head called "ode to holly" after we hung up last night! too funny!

    i agree with you both - holly w is the hostess with the mostess!

  3. I am just saying... I don't get a lot of street cred around here for my craft projects... I need any props I can get!