Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crafty Idea of the Month- ABC Book

So maybe I'll have a monthly feature (I would say weekly, but there's no way I can commit to that) of my favorite crafty creation. So here's the first! My friend Holly found this idea online and made one for her son Nolan. I thought it was super-cute and made one for Bailey. It's an ABC book with all of the letters made into animals. Here's some pictures of a few of my favorites. Bailey really likes the book and has already started to recognize some of the animals.

This lady has a pretty cool website with lots of educational ideas. The teacher in me always LOVES finding stuff like this! She's started a book for lowercase letters too so I'll have to make that one soon as well. Check it out!


  1. now I know why I called you today! i could never make something like this and I'm sure you enjoy it (and are good at it) but just thought I'd pass the word that we have 2 Curious George ABC books that have a letter made out of an animal too! i'm sure yours is cuter!

  2. Are you kidding me??? How is Holly getting credit for this and not me??? I even cut out those letters for her!!!