Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am a MOM!!!

I am a MOM!!!

  • Some days I feel like I'M the one that should be in time-out!
  • I think Mother's Day Out was one of the greatest inventions ever!
  • I desperately need a tan!
  • I desperately need to exercise!
  • I give kisses that make bo-bos all better!
  • I'm lucky to make it out the door most days!
  • I sometimes eat lunch at 3 pm because that's when I got around to it!
  • I bribe my child with dessert!
  • I LIVE for naptime!!! (my child's, and if lucky- my own!)
  • I have a song, rhyme, or poem for any topic imaginable!
  • I am a professional at giving people the "I'm so sorry my child is screaming in the grocery store" look!
  • And I'm also good at the "Don't worry- my child screams in the grocery store too" look for other discouraged mothers!
  • I find it very hard to watch TV shows or see those magazine ads about children with disabilities!
  • I'm still trying to figure out where my boobs went- if you see them, give me a call!
  • Daddy coming home early is music to my ears!
  • I rarely get through a phone conversation without disciplining my child!
  • I don't wash my hair every day (I used to swear I would NEVER do this!).
  • I don't wear makeup every day (two days in a row is a record!).
  • My typical day is a cycle of laundry, dishes, diapers, cleaning...and it just keeps going and going and going!
  • I hear the word "Mommy" about 5000 times a day! (Luckily I was used to hearing Mrs. Doyal about 5000 times a day so that got me prepared)
  • I constantly say the words "no," "come here," "don't touch that," "in a minute," "you're getting on my nerves," and all of those other things you're not supposed to say too much!
  • I own a tankini!
  • I lick my fingers to wipe dirt off my child's face!
  • I almost died during childbirth, but would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • I'm a little too addicted to Facebook!
  • I love to peek in my little girl's room and just watch her playing or reading stories or singing songs!
  • I never realized how BIG my love could be for someone so LITTLE!


  1. I LOVE this!!!
    It's great getting to keep up with my girls' childhood friends, as they experience their own children's childhood.
    Thanks for sharing, Holly!
    Suzanne Lewis
    (I signed my name because I didn't think you would know who Nana Sue was!!)