Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Girl!!!

My child is all girl!!! She loves baby dolls, wearing high heels, and now has discovered Mommy's makeup. She loves to watch me put my makeup on in the morning. The other day, she got into my purse and tried out my lipstick...

So the other day I let her play with a few things of mine- the blush brush, powder compact, and her new favorite- the chapstick. This girl LOVES her chapstick. She calls it her makeup and carries it with her everywhere all day long. It's a battle to get her to put it up for naptime and bedtime. And she's quite good at putting it on too! All day I hear, "My makeup, my makeup!" Like I said- she's all girl!


  1. one day i'll have to show you the pic of MY BOYS putting on my makeup! luckily conner followed his up with vaseline so it came off easy!! lol!

    bailey is a doll - tell her she's beautiful without the paint! (and you are too!)

  2. Too cute! She should be on a commercial for Chap Stick. ;)