Thursday, April 19, 2012

We're off to see the Wizard!!! Bailey's 4th Birthday Party

We're off to see the Wizard... the wonderful Wizard of Oz!!!

Bailey is sooooo into the Wizard of Oz right now! She was Dorothy for Halloween and wanted to have a Dorothy party for her birthday too. It was a theme I actually liked, so we went full force into Oz! Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures, but my sweet photographer friend Lindsey stepped in and snapped some for me! The party was a huge success. It seemed like everyone had a great time and Bailey was super-excited to see all of her friends there! It was a beautiful day for playing outdoors, aside from the fact that it was really windy ("It's a twister!" how appropriate!)

We had some tasty food on the menu- all Wizard of Oz inspired: Uncle Henry's Gumbo, Toto Dogs, Melting Witch Punch, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow Fruit Skewers.

I planned a few games for the kids and they were fun, but I think the little munchkins were just as happy running around and trying to knock over my cardboard box Dorothy house. We played Pin the Heart on the Tin Man, Musical Chairs with characters from the movie, and the Wicked Witch Race.

(This one's for you Linds! Here I am demonstrating the proper way to ride the broomstick! You can insert your own nasty comment here!!!)

Here's some other snapshots from the party!

Favors were Dorothy straw baskets for the girls and little buckets for the boys. After each game, the children got prizes to put in their buckets (coloring pages rolled up like the Scarecrow's diploma, "Glinda's Bubbles," and Lion and Tigers and Bears... Oh My! animal crackers).

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