Monday, April 30, 2012

A Month of Milestones!!! (Max is 8 months old)

HOORAY!!!  I'm 8 months old! (I'm well aware that this is not a good quality picture, but it's so telling of what's going on right now!  And that is CHAOS!!!)

This truly has been a month of milestones for little Max!  I knew a lot of these accomplishments were coming, but I really didn't think they were all coming at once (and so soon).  As you can see from 4 of these pictures, they were all taken in the same day, so when I say "all at once" I really mean it!  Bailey was a late bloomer as far as crawling and walking were concerned.  As a baby, she was content to just sit in her room and play with toys and books,  But not this little guy!  He is EVERYWHERE!!! 

 At 8 months, he weighs 15 pounds, 15 ounces (10th percentile).  Yes, this is my baby who started out in the 75th percentile, but my nemesis (acid reflux) has had its way with him.  But being little has not held him back one bit!  He did have a month or so when his reflux improved a lot, but now that he's teething, it has flared up again. 

Max has really been busy lately...he grew not one, but TWO teeth!

He started crawling (and is already EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!!!)

(case in point...)

He's also learned how to pull up on things (his current favorites include anything dangerous or unstable!  i.e. the fireplace, the toilet, toy boxes that easily tip over, etc.)

He has also started eating finger foods (bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, etc) which he LOVES!  But I don't particularly love cleaning up after him!

And since he's not satisfied with regular crawling, he's moved on to the man-cub crawl!

We've also tried to experiment with a little hair product!  Needless to say, mom needs some styling lessons!

Max also learned his first word, Dada!  And it just melts our hearts!

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