Friday, April 20, 2012

Wanted: Outstanding Teachers

I've had some requests for pictures of the Teacher Appreciation Week at Bailey's MDO and Preschool. I helped with the planning of the week and it turned out SOOOOOO cute! There are some really crafty mamas in the group and what they came up with was awesome! Can I just say that I LOVE this little school! Bailey has attended MDO since she was one, and every single year she has had amazing teachers that have loved on her just like their own children. I'm kind of sad that next year will be her last year there in 4 year old preschool, but I know she'll be in great hands. For those of you who don't know, I'll be starting working there this summer in the 3 year old class and I can't wait!

Here are some pics of the decorations. Wish I had taken more. There were lots more cute things!

Parents brought breakfast every morning for the teachers and every day they had a gift waiting on them in their room. (Monday- "Happy Trails" trail mix in a mason jar; Tuesday- potted Gerber Daisies and vanilla brown sugar bath scrub; Wednesday- gift certificate to a local BBQ restaurant; Thursday- CASH!!!)

Each day, an activity was also planned and parents volunteered to watch the classes while the teachers had a break. (Monday- teachers got to visit the General Store and "purchase" snacks and sweets with their gold coins they got that morning; Tuesday- 10 minute back and neck massage from local massage school; Wednesday- catered BBQ lunch; Thursday- CASH!!!)

There were also some AWESOME gift baskets donated by parents and local businesses. I'm talking $100 Target gift card, a Keurig (did I spell that right??? I don't drink coffee), a watch, etc...

Can you see why I'm excited about starting work there???

The last day was a hoe-down that Max and I came to help with. Miraculously, he slept through most of the blaring country music! It was just a fun day for the teachers and kids to come to the gym and dance, ride stick horses, eat ice cream, and go crazy!

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