Monday, December 20, 2010

Tacky Christmas Party 2010

Have I mentioned lately how very much I LOVE costume parties?!?!?! This year our friends Cameron and Kellie hosted the Tacky Christmas Party at their house. We had a BLAST and here are some pictures to prove it!

The Doyals strike again!!! David was dressed as Cousin Eddie from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. His outfit consisted of all women's clothes from Goodwill (which included a lovely pair of polyester pants and a dickie under his sweater). He was very proud of his white patent leather shoes he bought!!!

I made my outfit (which proves that I either am obsessed with crafts or have way too much time on my hands!). I had some red satin heels with gift bows on them. I sponge painted Christmas trees on my panty hose and sewed jingle bells on my shorts. I also made my sweatshirt with little presents with bows on them. My outfit was completed by my Christmas ball earrings and my lovely Snookie poof!

Kellie (the hostess with the mostess) and Me

The Gals
Hot Brandon (who robbed me of the Tackiest Outfit Prize) and Hot Matt

The Gang

I was very surprised to get an early birthday cake. Delicious, but tacky!!! Bless your heart!

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