Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas/Crafty Ideas of the Month

Well, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Doyal house! I've been trying very hard to be organized and on the ball this holiday season so we can enjoy each day before it flys by. Bailey has thoroughly enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit- I just love to see her little eyes light up with each and every new thing.

Her elf on the shelf, Guillermo, came and she wakes up each morning and looks for him. It's so funny because she'll go stand right in front of him and tell him good or bad things she's done- one of my favorites was, "I pooped in the tub!"

She was also a hoot decorating the Christmas tree. With every ornament she pulled out, she said, "Oh, it's my favorite!"

So I realize that I've slacked for the past few months on my Crafty Idea of the Month post. Maybe I've been saving up because the Mrs. Claus in me pulled out lots of crafty goodness this month!
Shot of mantle with lots of crafts! FYI- if you have small children, you must get the Fisher Price Little People nativity set. Bailey LOVES it and can play with it and act of the Christmas story. She's also quite protective of Baby Jesus (who Izzie seems to have some fetish for)!

I made new stockings this year. Thanks to my great friend Elise for the cute pattern!

Close up of ribbon Christmas trees I made from ribbon (obviously!) and styrofoam cones.

Homemade wreath- or should I say Re-Made wreath. Got this from my mom and took the fake fruit out and added Christmas stuff!

Okay, I'm done now and you probably didn't care to see all of this stuff but I get so excited about Christmas!!!


  1. love the crafts and yes, everyone needs to the Little People set! it's fantastic!