Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 12 (or so) Days of Christmas- Part 1

So I have these really creative supermommy friends who have been doing the 25 Days of Christmas with their kids (Christmasy activities each day). Well, I haven't been THAT on the ball, but we're trying to do the 12 Days of Christmas. Here's what we've had going on for the 1st six days and a few snapshots to go with them!

Day 1 (Dec. 14)- Bailey's Christmas program at school (see previous blog-post about my superstar child who decided to sit down instead of sing with the group!)

Day 2 (Dec. 15)- After Bailey's Christmas party at MOPS, we came home and made a nativity picture with some stamps I got from Oriental Trading. It turned out really cute and Bailey loved to talk about each person/animal as we stamped them.

Day 3 (Dec. 16)- Thursday was a party-hardy kind of day for Bailey. She started off her day with her Christmas Pajama Party at school. Then she came with me to surprise Daddy at his Christmas Party at work. Sorry, no pictures- which is a big shame because she looked pretty cute!!!

Day 4 (Dec. 17)- FINALLY, after all our hustle and bustle this week, a day at home to relax and get things done. Bailey helped me make homemade gift tags (which was part of our MOPS craft this week). She absolutely LOVED helping with the glue!

Later, she spent some time "checking out the presents." Or so she said...

Day 5 (Dec. 18)- Saturday was Santa Day! Bailey was very excited to see Santa and ran across the mall shouting that she wanted a pink guitar before she even got near him.

Day 6 (Dec. 19)- After spending the night with G-Pa and YaYa, we met up with the rest of the Callaway clan and had our annual Callaway Christmas.

Bailey just adored Baby Stella and loved playing with her.

Bailey did NOT, however, adore taking a group picture (as you can see).

This was right after she smacked Campbell in the head with her Lamby. Thank goodness he thought it was funny!!!


  1. bailey is a lucky little girl! and i'm glad she is completely normal too and likes to hit with her toys!

  2. I don't know why, but I love the freak-out pictures more than I love the "cutsie" pictures. I guess it helps when we get to see that all children have their "moments." ;)

    By the way, happy birthday!!