Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Days!

Well we survived the first day of school again! I couldn't wait for school to start back after a month break, and then after I took her I felt a little sad! Of course, that just lasted a minute and then I spent the next 5 hours (which felt like about 30 minutes) catching up on chores and errands! Bailey had a great day. In her words, "We read books at school. I got a sucker! Yum! I tee-teed on the potty and got a star sticker. I love it so much! I so sweet!"

1st day of 2 year-old class (Sept. 7, 2010)

Here are a few pictures of Bailey over the past year at school!

Bailey's 1st day of school- June 2, 2009 (look at how little she was!)

Halloween at school 2009

Bailey and her sweet, sweet teachers from last year- Mrs. Kristen (KiKi) and Mrs. Erica
They were wonderful and Bailey was in a deep depression when she realized she wasn't going to be in their class anymore. But Mrs. Katie and Mrs. Kim are great too!


  1. What a big girl!! I hope she has a great year :)

  2. she is too precious! i always say that but it's true!