Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Germany Trip- Day 1

A few weeks ago, David and I were able to travel to Germany for a week. He had work there for a few days and we decided to stay some extra time and go sightseeing. It's always been a dream of ours to travel to Europe- and because of David's work, we were actually able to afford it.
The next few posts will be a day-by-day look at what we did. I know I will be including TONS of pictures- believe it or not, these are only a snippet of what I took.
After a VERY long plane ride- I now see why people pay good money for first class- we arrived in Frankfurt (our home base for the week). We flew into the Frankfurt airport- the second-largest airport in Europe(behind London's Heathrow). We were very lucky to have one of David's distributors (he's been to Frankfurt way too many times to count!) there with us and he gave us a highlight tour of the city that day.
We took the S-Bahn train to the historic downtown area. I loved the old German architecture! Most of this was destroyed by the war, but I love how they rebuilt things the way they looked before. These buildings were in Romerberg- the central square in Frankfurt.

We went to lunch in the Sachsenhausen district. This is a suburb famous for authentic German eateries. We ate at Adolph Wagners and had the Frankfurt Platter- pretty much the largest plate of pork you have ever seen accompanied by potatoes and sauerkraut. Definitely a traditional German meal. We also drank some Ebbelwoi (apple wine) that was very tasty. Sorry I have no picture of this food as it was definitely a photo-op!
We visited the Roman Ruins in the courtyard area of the Dom Romer. These ruins of a Roman settlement and bathhouse date back to appx600 AD (I'll have to double check my facts). They were built on top of and actually not discovered until after the destruction of the war.
From there we went to the Dom Romer (Saint Barthomeus' Cathedral). This is a large tourist attraction and one of many cathedrals we visited on our trip. It was built in Gothic style in the 14th century.
I wish the colors would have come out on this picture because it was a beautiful sight of a crucifix backed by some beautiful stained glass windows.
These are without a doubt my two favotite pics from the trip. Might I say- a camera on manual without a flash can do wonders for an average-looking night sky!

Seriously??? Even our hotel was beautiful!

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  1. What an awesome experience! Can't wait to read more about it!