Thursday, March 18, 2010

Germany- Day 3

Our third day began with of lots of rain and so Sue Ellen and I decided to stay nearby in Frankfurt. We started the morning at the Communication Museum, which was actually very cool. Here's some things we saw!

Sheep made from telephones and phone cords. Clever!

One of the first models of television (1929)- made by Telefunken (I love that name!)

Actual telegraph message from the Titanic to announce its sinking. The message has coordinates and then reads, "Sinking- wants immediate assistance"

clay tablet in cuneiform from 2200 BC

After a delicious lunch in a German cafe, we walked to the Frankfurt Opera House. It was under construction, but still very cool. Something I found really interesting about Germany was- when they're doing construction/remodeling on a building (and there was construction all over the place!) they always put up plastic sheeting to hide the work. But what's cool is the plastic sheeting is made to look like the completed facade of the building- if you squint, you can't tell what's actually building and what's plastic. Pretty cool!

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