Friday, February 12, 2010

What a perfect day!!!

What a fabulous morning we've had already! Can it get much better than this?

Our view when we woke up this morning...

A hot cup of cocoa...

And a nice warm fire (notice Bailey's babies warming up on the hearth!)

We only THOUGHT we had seen snow yesterday. But today was like a winter wonderland! And our little snow bunny loved every minute of it! We walked around, made snowballs, and caught snowflakes on our tongues (there's nothing like a little one to make you feel young again too)! Then we built a snowman- which I will say was VERY cold work! I admire people that can make them lifesize- they must have hands of steel! Here's some snapshots for our morning!

Nice to meet you snowman!

Would you like some raisins? (The raisins were supposed to be for our snowman's mouth, but somebody decided it would be better to eat them instead!)

I decided to move our snowman to a chair so Bailey could see him through the window. As you can see by his bare face, he didn't fare so well in the move!


  1. How fun!! Let me say that I'm glad you made a note about Bailey's babies on the hearth. Otherwise it looked VERY strange...