Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party Like it's 1980-somthing!

We had SO much fun at our 80s New Years Eve party! Wow- don't we have great friends- they're all such good sports! I hope they don't start thinking they have to wear a costume anytime they come to our house! We had a blast and tons of fun 80s activities- 80s trivia game, Atari championship, 80s dance contest, and Twister! What party isn't complete without Twister??? I had almost as much fun decorating for the party as I did at it- yes, I did go a little bit overboard with the construction paper, but I have to fill my teaching void somehow! Here's just a little proof of what a totally radical time we had!!!
Me and Michael Jackson (no wait- that's David!)

All the guys- can I mention again what great sports they are!

The Ladies!!!

Our friends

David's tribute dance to The King of Pop!
Adam's tribute to too much alcohol!!!

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