Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Hollys and The Donna = Craft Genius!!!

So here's the post you've been waiting for! The famous cardtable playhouse! Here's the backstory- my friend Holly who lives in Dallas is hosting a sip and see for her friend's baby girl in a few months. (actually I think it's in October, but Holly plans early!) Holly is the ultimate "hostess with the mostess" and has already planned an adorable cupcake theme. She came up with the idea of making a cardtable playhouse for a shower gift. (Both Holly and I had grandmothers who made these for us when we were little!) Enter: me! I was planning on going to Dallas to see Holly's new baby Nolan anyway, so she asked if I would help make the playhouse. I thought this might be a future business venture for me, so I agreed. Two days and mounds of felt later, here's the almost-finished product!

Details- The entire house is made of felt and miles of thread. (We now own stock in Hobby Lobby!) The major pieces are sewn on. Many smaller pieces are velcroed on so you can rearrange them. We still have not sewn the sides together and have not attached the cute scalloped roof. That job goes to The Donna (Holly's very helpful mother!).

Right side: Removable cupcakes and flowers so you can decorate the cake yourself.

Left Side: teapot and cup are removable so you can pretend you're having tea. All items in the cupboard are also removable for rearranging!

Back: Look out the window and learn about shapes and colors. Watering can is removable.

Front: Not finished yet. Mailbox opens up so you can put mail in. Door with heart window opens up for entering the house. We're going to add an address sign and some more pizazz to the front.

Some more random shots and crafty undertakings:

Nolan modeling the window- looks like fun, huh?

Drinking and sewing... a dangerous combination!
cupcake canvas

some absolutely adorable felt cupcakes

So the real question is, am I going to make these playhouses to sell? It's a possibility. I want to do one on my own and see how much time it takes. But we've come up with tons of great ideas and styles and I'd love to begin taking orders soon. Stay tuned...


  1. LOVE IT!!!! SO CUTE!!! So when God plans on giving me a girl-- I am your first order!

  2. SO cute! I would totally buy one of these when we have a kiddo!

  3. love it!! and i'll be the first to say that even though i was beachside reading trashy books i'm so jealous that i missed out on the fun!! also, never heard of those table playhouses - they are super cute!

  4. Cori wrote about your little houses on her blog and that is how I came to see! I LOVE them! What a cute idea! I've you ever sell them let me know b/c that would be so cute for my little miss! How adorable!

  5. Hello, i referred your creations on my blog. You can see them on Playhouse ovvero le casette gioco .
    I hope you like it.
    Hello, Linda

  6. Holly- This is Patsy Hall ( Cathy's friend)- if you decide to sell these- please reserve one for me for my granddaughter Kayla- who is 4-