Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camembert or Gruyere? Just give me some plain, old cheddar!

(This post is dedicated to my friend Mindy, who I am sure would share my same opinion on Central Market. Oh, and she LOVES cheese!!!)

So, this week I went to visit my friend in Dallas who just had a baby. (Stay tuned for the next post for cute Nolan pictures) Let me preface this story by saying that I really like to eat, but am not the world’s best cook. My friend Holly, (yes, her name is Holly too!) however, is like the next Julia Child.

Holly knows I don’t get out of my Benton bubble very often so she decided to take me to Central Market. I felt like “country has come to town!” I have NEVER seen anything like this in my life! For any of you who have never gone to a Central Market- you should put this activity on your bucket list!

First of all, this place is HUGE! You walk in and there’s a receptionist at the information counter- like a concierge or something!!! Each section of the store is enormous and full of specialty foods and stuff I would have no clue what to do with. Perhaps I was most impressed by the cheese section because I like cheese so much, but this area was bigger than the entire refrigerated section at my grocery store! A cheese-lover’s dream! They also had microphoned chefs in different sections cooking stuff- I said that reminded me of the guy at Bass Pro Shop giving fishing lessons (at this point Holly told me to keep my voice down because I was embarrassing her!). We finished our trip by grabbing some dinner- I stuck with a simple chicken salad. Holly, on the other hand, got a variety of stuff from the salad bar that I had never heard of or seen- I’m not quite sure it was even food! Maybe I should call and check on her!

When it was finally time to check out, they had some automated robot voice that told you which cashier to go to- kind of like the airport or something! Crazy!!! So now I can die happy because I’ve been to Central Market. Can’t say I’d shop there, but I’ve been!


  1. So funny! I can just see it now and the look on Holly's face!

  2. Ah--gotta love it! I want Mindy's first trip to Central Market to be with me so I can see her reactions first hand. ;)

  3. Holly, I love the card table house!!! Are you making these for others? They are adorable!