Friday, September 2, 2011

Worth the Wait

Max William Doyal has arrived!!!

Like sister, like brother! At 37 weeks, I knew Max's arrival would be soon, but just wasn’t quite sure when. But just like Sister, Max decided to show up on the weekend of the 37th week. The past few days had been especially hard on me, but the evening of Saturday, August 20, I knew without a doubt that it was time. Good thing that David and I were packed and prepared this time. We dropped Big Sis off with Grandy and Popaw and hurried to the hospital. My contractions started at 5 minutes apart, and by the time we got to the hospital, they were 3 to 4 minutes apart. The nurses said I was only dilated 1 ½ centimeters, but my water was ready to break any minute and Max was coming fast. I was really hoping to wait one more day so that my doctor, Dr. Waltman, could deliver Max. But I told everyone that, at this point, I'd take anyone off the street corner!!! I also had to forgo pain medication because of the impending C-section and was in excruciating pain.

The entire family arrived, including Bailey who was thoroughly excited to be up past her bedtime! At 10:30 the anesthesiologist arrived, and so did Dr. Darrell Sandifer and his wife, nurse practitioner Aimee Smiley. It was a whole different experience this time since I was actually awake during the surgery. Daddy was ready with the camera and the doctors and nurses began. A few minutes later, at 10:49 PM we heard little Max's first cry- and what a loud cry it was! Aimee told us how beautiful he was, but we already knew that! As they took Max to get checked out, Daddy followed close behind to document. When they told us that he was 7 pounds, I was confused. What happened to the enormous baby I was expecting??? Then they measured his length to be 21 inches, and we knew THAT was what I had been feeling those past few months! After a quick hug from me, Dad took Max out to meet the rest of the family. They were all ecstatic! Big Sister Bailey was especially excited and liked watching the baby through the nursery windows.

I had a much easier recovery this time, and enjoyed all of the friends and family who came to meet Max in the hospital. Bailey came to officially meet Brother and was very impressed that he came bearing Big Sister gifts for her. She called him “Santa Baby!” David and I know that, like all children, Max is a miracle from God. But, because of all of the complications with this pregnancy, we know that God was especially watching out for little Max! We are now so happy that our family is complete!

Meeting Mommy and Daddy (glad I remember it this time around!)

7 pounds, 21 inches

Sweet boy

Getting some love from Daddy!

First photo as a family of four!

WOW! I'm finally a Big Sister!

Checking out Baby Brother

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