Thursday, August 4, 2011

35 Weeks and Still Cookin

Another doctor's appointment today and I guess no news is good news. Still not dialted, but cervix is thinning and Mr. Man is very, very low (and they tell me this like I don't know!). My attitude is getting worse by the minute, but I know that every day that he stays in there is good, so I'm trying to be at peace with that. My doctor comes back in town (from what I told her was the longest vacation ever!!!) on Monday so that relieves me as well. So as for us, we're packed and ready and waiting. Any day now...

In other news, a few weeks ago before the bedrest, I got my trusty tripod out and revved up the self-timer to take some maternity photos of myself. It's pretty sad since I have lots of fabulous photographer friends who I know would have taken pictures for me. Maybe this is just part of my losing control of everything else in my life so I wanted to still feel like I could do something. Anyway... here's what I got. It definitely beats the 3 or so snapshots that I have of myself while I was pregnant with Bailey. I've tried much harder this time around!


  1. I want to know how you got off the floor in the super cute MAX block picture??? Those are great pics and I'm very impressed that you took them yourself!

  2. Who would've ever guessed you took those with your tripod -- looks like some Liz Behm work to me!! ;) Beautiful mama!

  3. You look beautiful SIL! I know it is rough but hang in there. We cannot wait to meet Mr. Max. ☺ Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  4. The pictures are awesome!!! You did a great job and you are such a beautiful pregnant person!!!! Hang in there, you are so....very....close!!!! I know it is a lot easier for those of us not in your shoes to say how close it is, but you really are almost there!!!! Take care!!!!

    Amy Marquardt

  5. You are too cute!! Great pics

    Jennifer Perryman