Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Years in a Row- Let's Cheer for SNOW!!!!!

How lucky are we? Snow, 2 years in a row, in LOUISIANA!!!

We're especially lucky here at our house- other family and friends in town didn't get any snow. We're lucky that ours piles up nicely on our back deck. Here's what we've been doing the past 2 days.
On Sunday, Bailey woke up from her nap to a blanket of white! We got on all our snow gear and went outside for some fun. Bailey had a blast and helped me and David build a little snowman and a snow dog. Izzie was less than thrilled to be wearing her sweater!

Today (Monday) we were back at it again! I was determined to build a BIG snowman. My poor friend Holly gave me the idea to make a felt hat and other things to build Frosty (unfortunately they didn't get enough snow in Dallas for her to use her cute stuff). Bailey only lasted about 10 minutes on the snowman building and was off to other things- primarily eating snow! Later on, she went inside to warm up and I stayed outside and built her a BIG snowman. Well, I say BIG- it was about 3 feet tall. Bailey loved dressing up Frosty!


  1. very nice.... not sure about frosty's scarf though???

  2. seriously people, who has time to make hats and scarves???? well i guess maybe i do if i wasn't always reading your blogs about making hats and scarves!

  3. PRECIOUS pictures! I love the one of you & Bailey in pink. And that's the best-dressed snowman I've ever seen! ;)