Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanks for being honest!

So Bailey's been pretty out of whack today- she didn't get to bed til 9:30 last night and slept until about 8:45 this morning. Needless to say, this equals no nap today. I tried to put her down and came in a few times when I heard her out of her bed. The third time I came in, I asked, "What are you doing?" She proceeded to give me a run-down of everything she had been doing except taking a nap.
"I was getting out of my bed.
I was putting Lamby in the baby seat.
I was playing kitchen.
I was reading my books.
I was trying to turn on my barn. It too hard.
I was touching stuff.
I was looking at the medicine.
I was playing with my buddies.
I was awake! I wake up Mommy!"
I really can't even figure out how she did all of this in the dark. Oh well, at least she's honest!

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