Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Trip to the Zoo

This morning we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and went to the Cypress Park Zoo near our house. Bailey had a BLAST! She loved seeing all the "ammals" (mostly animals native to this area) and making their animal noises. Bailey especially liked the raccoon, who proceeded to splash us with water; the wolves which Bailey thought were puppies; and the ducks that followed her wherever she went. But her very favorite animal of all was the huge, ugly warthog who was snoring. Go figure!
Bailey at the dove cage. Tweet! Tweet!

Look, it's a pony!

The goat was very interested in Bailey!

My little dear and the deer

She does too!


  1. Yay for zoos! Ben and I love the zoo! We have a membership to the Houston Zoo, so if you ever come to H-town with Bailey, we can take the whole fam for free. ;) But we won't take Kandy because she's not fond of zoos...

  2. Those darn monkeys, huh? I think I say this on every comment but Bailey is so super cute!! I'm glad she had fun at the zoo!